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BEAST series

 BEAST series is figurative glass toys that depicts fantastical creatures with weapons, armor, and organic forms based on characters from movies, comics, and games. It is constructed out of Venetian traditional stemware components and decorations. This series of work is the reinterpretation of the relationship between the young generation, their fantasy, wealth and success. I am drawn to Venetian glass because of its quality, elaborate decorations, and mastery. As a maker, I create the young generation of our society in figurative glass forms. These forms rely on thorough craftsmanship with intricate designs to mimic the desires of our generation. It mimics the act of the decorating oneself in luxuries in order to fulfill their ideal fantasies.

BEAST 2021_ M4.jpg
BEAST 2021_detail 1.jpg
BEAST 2021_detail 4.jpg
BEAST 2021_detail 3.jpg
BEAST 2021_detail 5.jpg
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